Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Some more from garden-:)


I really enjoyed and did some
quick sketches at local train

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free 3dMagz

1.3DCreative Issues
and click on the "lit" version (3dtotal/products/shop/magazines)

2.Blender Arts

4.CG Chosen

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Past and Present

My first attempt with Painter(1999)

I was watching my old
works (10 years old)and
realize few things

*Once I started to know and learn
more I started to produce very less!!!
and I really lost that childhood creativity
become more technical and !*?#@$^&(_+)

*Professionally getting matured .

*and I feel ,More and More I stared to learn
What I learnt is very less
and lot more to learn.

finally keep learning is fun and energetic but
it will be waste of life time if it is not practiced ,consistently.

My Hero Thiru.ko.Murugan

He started his teaching carrier
as Drawing Master and
successfully finishing at same place ,
same school (Paachur-Velur-2009)as
Head Master .

I didn't have much oppurtunity
to see and get wonderful exp. while
he was painting and drawing(long
time back he stopped because of
some professional , social and financial
hurts,I belive) because
my childhood was not with my parent.

Other than this my childhood with my
grandma and pa was great , beautiful-:)
and very wonderful with our village
Chinna kammiyam Pattu-C.K.Pet

(from right My appa,amma and chittappa)

we thanking you appa
on your retirement(2009) for your wonderful slogan
"self confident ,hard working and keep trying"
and the same way your living and inspiring
me and 1000s of your students.
and the credit to his success is majorly goes to amma

Mixed mediums

My first oil painting exploration(1989)
inspiration from chines nail painting

One among my all time favorite singer after T.M.Soundra rajan

Yesudas-the melody king(pen,c.pencil and sketch pen)

One among my hero and
I am his one among the follower
The great Swami Vivekananda (water colour-1990)

According to Vivekananda, a important lesson he
received from Ramakrishna was that "Jiva is Shiva"
(each individual is divinity itself).

Learning Maya

First attempt in maya with nurBs and fur(2000)

and few tips based on this work
* If we are using poly take care on good UVs

* We can have sep.UV set only for fur

*Bake the properties to render faster-general

*Maintain the caches properly-general

* Play with translucence for the final look

* Use the artisan tools as much as possible

and this one is the first attempt with subD(2000)

*from Alais Maya 4 to Autodesk 2009
the only changes with subD are
calculation on this tool and rendering
speed is very much improved .

*very much shoots for chtr.but widely
used for sets and porps modeling

*Resolution independent like nurBs

*Has sculpting support but turned the
vertex visibility and paint on it!!!!!!

*Use soft modication tool for quicker result

* Use the poly uv tool -subD not good

we used at one commercial to get the
clay surface finish

nice to remember and very good to share
--- www

Pen works to remember my past

when I was growing in my village
from my premature baby to my
teenage boy ,used to watch and
play  with goats,sheeps and bulls.
But with  the bulls we will  have to
be very careful!!!

I still can recall the feelings that ,i was
human ball in the air for a while !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my belly didn't tear apart,fortunately!!!
When my ego  and the bulls ego got a
small conflict.

This one is from those inspired life (my old sketch book.(90s))

In general male and female were always
together with their kids in the fields
and in the other working areas,
this man -shepherd was in love
as I was with my unknown lover.

This one was drawn with intention that
the neat figure from the scribbles

and sleeping beauty at my bed!!(live drawing)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

umm ,slowly happening!!

hand drawn and on top that Wacom plays

may be u don't like it at all?????

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bugs and....

I just started use my Wacom with photoshop
and I have to spend more time to get control-:)

lot more yet to come!!