Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Character Design

sorry,I have no time to render these at the moment

WIP : Mattepainting


My student's work:Mogan

Some WIPs of Mogan attempts,very hard working ,
quick learner and good student.

Lot of Diamonds!!

I feel combustion is one among a cheap and best tool
for post production and got very good keyers too!!

Upcoming artist : Vijay

Very hardworking and very casual Gem

I think probably very old attempts and sort of stuck into Digital Art!!
I know is working lot,improved lot and will bounce back soon.

Let us Wish him all the best.

Another friend of mine

Equally good in art and living and one among a few good friend

Once again all the best for all your attempts Amar.........................

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi..... check this link

My dear friend ,artist,animator and director.
very creative,hard worker,very straight forward and good human.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Posing & Rendering

Finally(stage01) got into Mentalray-SSS
feel bit happy with my attempts-:)

The great facial rig & textures from Mr.Jason Osipa,
Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation,wonderful guide
for modeling,rigging and for animation
and I just focus more at Posing & Rendering.
(check out some interesting links
for Mentalray stuffs in the last post)


with basic lighting(3point:Key,Fill & back light)

B.Maya-MentalRay,FG but no AO(amb.Occ)
with basic lighting(3point:Key,Fill & back light)

C.Maya-MentalRay,FG but no AO(amb.Occ)
with basic lighting(3point:Key,Fill & back light) + more tweaking.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Translucent Nature

Originally uploaded by mmuralirajan

Translucence Property:Simulates the way light diffusely penetrates through translucent objects. This means that when light shines on one side of the object, the other side is partially illuminated. This can be used for effects such as clouds, fur, hair, marble, jade, wax, paper, leaves, etc.
Nature is the TRUE creator and we 3D artists
are trying to be good at our attempts to create close to the truth(Nature).
In Maya or any 3D package we can achieve this translucence results with light(placement is impotent) and shader properties.

Drawing:Sea Sings

Originally uploaded by mmuralirajan
When I was teen.....