Sunday, July 20, 2008


here is the caricature of our cinema star Mr.Rajiniganth

all your valuable comments are welcome:)

Attitudinal Poses

If we can develop the ability to encapsulate an expression or
attitude in a single drawing(key frame)we have already
reached some distance towards successfully communicating
to our audience.
-------Eric Goldberg

I tried some standing poses with strong attitude(hope!!)
can be more interesting while animating with
holds and moving holds.

The Attitude poses need not to be Extremes keys, always!!!
--------Eric Goldberg

Posing and Staging

pose study of handicapped man.
The strength of our chtr. poses can also be tested by how
Well they read in silhouette!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


This is my current chtr. am working on using Maya

and this is the very rough concept art for the Rawana.
(Indian Epic - Ramayana)


I wanted to create less cuter Alain but in the
progress I end up with this version..............
Alianica-Maya 4.0 (subD)

This one is the actual design

I have to create one more with better look and with the better functional
lower body(pelvis) .
In my test animation ,I struggled lot at that spot!!

Almost lost the touch with Max

after started to using Maya,but the exp.with Max(self thought)
gave solid understanding of 3D and CG also helped me to learn Maya myself!!

Only Max was used in these above stills! and rendered by using
Ray Traced rendering process.
I still feel some times that I really missed opportunity to work with V-Ray!!!
what a wonderful result with less effort.
Thank God finally Maya has Mental Ray to try some interesting results.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

CG works

00.Still from Animations
Smart Crow,Set Dry land -Maya 4.0

Smart Crow,Set Green land -Maya 4.0

for some other project-Maya 4.0

01.old one by using Max 2.0 -Rendered by default scan line + Ray tracing renderer.
(now, great improvement is happening in the rendering process)
for Computing Services India Ltd,Bangalore.

02.Another Interior by using Maya 4.0-Rendered by default scan line + Ray tracing renderer.
for Mediaware Systems India,Chennai.(Electricity Project)
can also see some of my childhood drawings on the wall in the above still!!.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pencil Work

Patch Work


CG Golgi's Partner

CG Short Film( WIP )Set design and the final output

CG TV Room and Auto Loom

Freelance Job : A still from series of animation about electricity-CBT project
using Maya and Photoshop

Another freelanced job,this final output took around 1 hr to render.
(P4 with 1 Gb ram)using Maya and Mental ray.(Model from Solid Works)

CG works

worked as a character artist and project executive
for a short film "Smart Crow" (freelance project)

hope ,soon I will post some test animations .....

Place to Live

Spent 10 to 20 mints everyday on this oil painting and painted this one with very happy and relaxed mood.

And I don't think this kind of method will workout for water medium
( according to me)

Few more Pastel works

Bg/Set design for stylized animation project

Is it beautiful???

Tried, while I try understanding the oil pastels and its interaction with paper

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Facial expression

Download this file and try his site for interesting photograph
with subtle and wonderful expressions.

and he is also a excellent 3D artist.

and this eyes..... facial expression study(Bycycle Thief)

Flower : Chemparuthi

What is the interesting factor in this flower is it's
clean translucence property!
(3D artist - shader or material properties)

shot by Cool Pix-Nikon at our small backyard.

Try this link for high res.images at

Very old Water color painting : Rainstorm

This painting was done because I was disturbed by its mood
(the original work done by some great master)
I struggled with poor quality paper and used oil painting brushes to get the texture.

Character Design : Mr.Muniandi

Old design by using oil pastel

Character Design : Mr.Pitchandi

Live drawing is always fun and leads to lots of ideas to
proceed future,this one is the caricatured version of
my friend with some more spices and this is my first
speed painting began with Mr.Pitchandi

and planned to animate him ASAP!!

Thanks for your time and valuable comments Pals.

The entertainment industry has lost a genius!!

Long before digital effects appeared, animatronics was making cinematic history.

Stan Winston

special-effects and animatronics guru

Winston died of complications from multiple myeloma at his home in Malibu.
He lives with his 4 Oscars and his team here :
God bless him.