Wednesday, June 18, 2008

seasons greetings

Hi ..
my hearty greetings to you all


Facial Animation ( I am tired....)

Old one still not bad !!
(I worked on all the area except modeling. I Started the animation started with Body then animated the facial animation (we can do other way around too) straight ahead method)

and I did the voice acting part also !!(very interesting) , once I acted out felt very easy to do the animation.
check this tutorial for lip Sync.

Hey there !!Test Animation

Recent WIP:Facial Animation

this is still in the refining stage and i think lot more to do!
what do you think!?
Thanks for visiting and posting your valuable comments.

Check this link to get more more exposure in animation(variety)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gesture drawings

Sparkling Staging

When I sat down with my sketch pad and start studying
the gags of ” surfsup” movie ,soon I get got into the brilliant staging!
Every frame is nicely constructed and we can find those
interesting ( C& in.C , S&in.S,I,T and etc.) lines of actions in every keys.

thanks for your comments and time.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Nattammai - Sharath Kumar.
(pls.find at google images)

This guy is my pal and dear student(forgot the name ,sorry)
The left one is live drawing and the right one is I just drew without even seeing him!!


I believe in straight ahead method, that has the strong flows naturally,

our great Thiru. Rabindranath Tagoor

Our great Thiru .Annadurai

Not only Big Fish ,I like all the Tim Burton's films

Next post will be facial Animations,Hopefully!?
Thanks & regards......Murali

Those Days were gone!!

In my childhood i was very creative( all the children are very creative )
not at all thinking,just creating....
once I started to learn( i am still studying deeply..going on and on kind
of trying to knowing things)Stopped creating!!too much of thinking!!!!!
only thinking!!not creating!!!!!!! much.
This blogging is making me to realise many things.Thanks a lot Blogger.

These are some of my Pastel works(oil-first attempts)

old sketches at
comments and critiques are all welcome.

How did you guys do that!!!??

Even though now and then I am trying out photoshop
With Wacom (Indus),I am still feeling not comfortable
With process of Digital Painting, particularly sketching.
thanks for watching and your valuable critiques.

Dear friends my flickr is just updated

Check this link

hope this will be very useful for the 3D artist,Matte painter(speed),Zbrush and Mudboxers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

3D animation,straight away !!!

we all missed the wonderful start with 2D animation(missed to understand the basics of animation)

we all only know to set key or simply move ,rotate and deform ...but that's not enough..
In this seq. it was very clear

that the first one------------------------------- was very flat and not at all interesting!!
and the second one with AP is
very interesting ,lively and kind of feeling is there …
but let's not force the APs too much(once we learnt) and all the best.

posing facial expressions

Hi Murugan,
This one is for you...don't be tensed and worried!! like this guys

be happy.

I knew that you are very positive and hardworking pal, and hard work will
definitely pay back.

If your interested to learn more Just try out this one
Animation: Personal Trainer program! (
Mr.Keith is also giving vts
but no interactions !!still lot more things about animation ++ can be explored,learned and etc.

and other one is Mr.Jason Ryan
Mr.Jason' VTs at
(lot more to learn and "learning is the never ending story")
yet practice only make us like skilled artist.
All the best.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I saw the faces of the trees

I took some interesting snaps -closeups.Hope that it will be very useful to create some art work and also can be used for adding details at Zbrush ,Mudbox,Maya and etc.
I sat with photoshop for some time and some interesting result...

here is the link to download the images to try...

and my sketches Album01
it is very easy to post the works at flickr for the people like me.
And i dedicated this post for my father G.Murugan, my mother R.Rajeshwari ,A.Devagi** and my wife B.Sabitha.

Hey there...

I wanna post the animation which i am doing now ,but have to find the right way!!!

This is the some of the facial expression tried with Boris Rig
...............rough thumbnail sketch

...............the result.......................

give some valuable critiques pls.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Animation = posing and timing

Hai back!!

and wishing you "All the best for all your attempts".

At this post i would love to share my views on rig(ging)s and posing .

I am trying out some rigs. from
Understanding the controls are big problems!? and we have to very familiar with that controls.
(spend some time to understand the actor and their capabilities)
unfortunately we can’t standardize these due to many factors involved , many different minds
and ect.,also depends on the story to act/perform .
The rigger has to adapt their Skills+ R&D.(It is possible In production pipeline ) sometimes
i too feel little hesitation to try when comparing to animate.
I tried few interesting poses which I admire from the acting greatness Thiru.SivajiGanesan
and many others((long list) (golden age of Tamil Cinema Industry ))with "Max for Maya" rig is the thumbnail sketch(before posing)
b.Poesed at Maya using Max
c.Lets check out the Silhouettes
I think those poses are telling the story, i am personally happy with my attempts and i really got what i wannted.
Thanks keith for his VTS ( am getting stronger and stronger)Stick Figure Fundamentals
(also check it out the Keith's stuff and tutorials here)

"Lets take all the good once from this world", yours loving Murali