Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Foot Switch

Medical Animation - Project
(portion of it)

CG works - Sun Moon

completely done by using Maya(only)


Last one week I was little busy with rigging Again!!(:(no escape)
really tough job(i have to like it,any how)
and this is one among the chrt.under development.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nothing can Repalce Pencil and paper


Speed Painting - FD

This is the one among the best method to study and improve
our skills in the artistic industry!!
When I am teaching Maya , I keep take some sketching
classes for modeling and for Animation and will also
encourage them to start sketching from that moment
and I am happy to see the improvement in the artistic side
as well as in the technical side output.(really )
I am also the good student in this beautiful world:)

Caricature - Two more of the same Star

Hai Buddies,
Two more caricatured speed painting of the same star Mr.Rajiji

As former Farmer

As mottai Bass
even these speed painting alone taken hours of time!!??

Any how those who are interested and get lot of inspiration
please check my favorite artist Craig Mullin.
His works really killing me beautifully again and again.....:)