Friday, October 10, 2008

Wanna get caught into MentalRays....

It is very much necessary to have strong hand with
Mental Ray or V Ray to get involved with Realistic outputs
in CG particularly forVfx projects.There are so many links
on the net but these links are
very useful to spend time to improve lot


hope this links will help you lot Mr.Josh-:)

Sculpting In Maya

I started with rough blocking(after some
sketching Session ( anatomy study))
Smoothenmesh once and add some more details
and repeated the some procedures
for two more times got result without going
to Zbrush or Mudbox!!

OK!!Its is another simple attempt to push the Maya
and the hardware to some more level to enjoy :)
without arguments the Zbrush and Mudbox
are better thanany other 3D Tools and
my favorite one Mudbox.

and the shader is Blinn with samplerInfo

Looking for Mesh files or Scene files to test and improve your Rendering Skills?

Lighting Challenge scene are free
for any artist to download and light.
Use whatever 3D software you want
to light and render the scene.

Maya Mental Ray Lighting Shading Rendering 02

has some more problems with glass shadow and left it because
I am focusing more on lighting :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pretty and handsome Lights

These few stills are lit by Maya native lights
(nowadays this is become traditional lights
because of the plug ins)

used raytraced shadows and we can see the raytraced
results interactively with mental ray IPR !!! and back
to Maya's native renderer to render the final result.

and see u soon

Get caught into MentalRays....

OOoo my God I can't go away from the colors
thank God
for the eyes and wonderful creations

1.dgs shader is very good for all the metallic surface finish
but got to go very hard with bump!!
(as it's own photon shader for better caustics)

2.dielectric shader is too good for solid but transparent and
semi transparent again bump mapping requires some
extra efforts !!
(as it's own photon shader for better caustics)

3.dOf and round corner are supporting well to get some better results paint phen.and even this one too needs the efforts (little)to get bump!!

all those images took arnd.14mnts to render (512\512)
after optimization.

Here is the pFx and raytraced output work little more to
save render time when ever possible,but can't match on
some areas with MR.

(can get better result with layer render plus post production)
and the journey continues..................................................................................